GLEN Learn

Personalized and engaging English learning app for young learners.
Available as Chrome web app, Android app and iOS app.

Why GLEN Learn?

GLEN Learn offers personalized and immersive English learning for young English learners. Some key features of GLEN Learn: 

  • Guided lessons to take kids from “zero to reading” with no assumption on prior English knowledge
  • Follows Instructed Second Language Acquisition (ISLA) research best practices
  • Targets the fundamental skills required for literacy: meaning of words, recognition of sounds, and recognition of spelling
  • Content modules reinforce each other as they target fundamental skills
  • Built-in adaptive assessments and skill strengthening  for personalized learning
  • Includes illustrated and narrated storybooks in English and Spanish, and playful rhymes for kids to enjoy
  • Closely aligned with school-readiness standards such as Kindergarten Student Entrance Profile (KSEP) and Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP)
  • Free, no ads, no in-app purchases, privacy-preserving
  • Full control over user account: easy steps to delete account if needed

Read more about GLEN Learn design here.

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